When will DCPS students be able to take out their smartphones for free?

Washington (CNN) Students in Washington, DC, are hoping that smartphones are going to be the norm when they get back to school.

At a news conference on Thursday, DCPS Chief Technology Officer, Chris Smith, said that students will be able, at the request of parents, to purchase smartphone apps that allow them to take the school’s smartphone apps offline and return them to the cloud.

He said the apps, called FreeDesign, could be used by students for free on a smartphone that they already own.

Students will also be able “to take out” their smartphones and return the devices to their own devices for free, he said.

The app, which has been developed by DCPS’ technology office and is available for free download on the DCPS website, allows students to download apps for use in class, and then download the apps and save them on their devices. 

Students who want to take a free smartphone app from DCPS can download it on the app store and return it to the device for a fee of $1.50.

The app also lets users access the apps’ social media feeds and videos.

In an interview with CNNTech, Smith said that he had no idea how the app would work until it was released to the public, but he said it is “a great way to do digital training.”

The free DCPS app lets students see what other students are doing in class and can even make a list of people that they know are attending classes that day.

The DCPS team is working with other schools to develop apps for students in different parts of the country, he added.

Students can access the FreeDesign app at any time.

They can also check out the website and download the app to their phones.

The website says the app is only available in the US.


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