How to build a truly fake Facebook profile for the price of a pack of cigarettes

What are the best ways to fake a profile on Facebook?

You may have a couple options here.

Firstly, you can use the Oculus software, which lets you make a fake profile, or “fakeness” as it’s known in the tech world, for $2,500 (£1,800).

And secondly, you could use software that can be installed on a smartphone to create a fake Facebook account, for just $40 (£24).

The latter option is far more affordable, as Facebook offers a free app that allows you to create an account on your phone.

Here are the 10 most popular fake Facebook profiles, from left to right: The fake profile of an Australian rapper (left) The fake Facebook page of a UK politician (right) The ‘fake’ Facebook profile of a New Zealand singer (left), the ‘fake Facebook page’ of an Irish singer (right), and the ‘real’ Facebook page (right).

Facebook has been criticised for its lax safety measures, which allow people to create fake profiles with little oversight.

“The biggest concern is that fake accounts are not properly screened, and people can easily slip them into the system,” said James O’Connor, chief technology officer at cybersecurity company Trend Micro.

“In particular, the way they’re handled in the app makes it very difficult to prevent this.”

However, O’Connell warns that the lack of controls around fake profiles makes it difficult to keep track of them.

“I think people underestimate the extent to which Facebook has a problem,” he said.

“Facebook has done some really important work in terms of making it harder to create these fake accounts, but they still have this huge number of fake accounts that Facebook doesn’t even know about.”

It’s hard to say whether this has led to more fake accounts being created, as the number of active accounts has fallen, but O’Cone said that it’s not yet clear whether this is a positive or negative development.

“What’s clear is that it does not necessarily lead to increased awareness of these accounts, which is something that we would like to see more of,” he added.


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