The eclipse is going to be awesome. But it’s going to take a while for it to happen.

The eclipse will be spectacular.

But as it happens, we’ll be left with a lot of questions.

What’s the date, and how can we predict when it’s happening?

What’s happening in the East?

What are the weather conditions?

And how do we get there in the first place?

As the sun begins to rise, I’ll be on the road with my friend to the South Pole to answer those questions.

I have a lot to say about this eclipse, but first, I’m going to share my observations of the eclipse from the vantage point of a professional eclipse viewer.

For more eclipse coverage, go to the homepage.

In my first two days at the South Atlantic, I’ve spent a lot more time than usual in the dark, in the Georgia woods.

It was the most beautiful place on earth, but it was also the most remote, so I spent the day trying to be the best I could be.

When I arrived, I could see everything from the mountains to the horizon, so my first impression of the South American region was that the sun was still very bright, and that the Earth was still mostly covered with clouds.

That was good news.

The eclipse would be very good.

I was very excited to have a clear sky.

When the eclipse began, I immediately saw the clouds.

The clouds were the most obvious and the most striking features of the sky, but what I saw most was the moon.

The moon was in total darkness, and as you can see, it was actually quite beautiful.

I felt like I was in the middle of the world.

The lunar eclipse has its own set of sights and sounds, but the Moon is the most important feature of this eclipse.

The Moon is in total eclipse when the Earth is in its full shadow.

When the moon is in full eclipse, the Earth’s shadow can be seen with the naked eye.

The Earth and Moon are in a total eclipse.

This means that they are completely covered with darkness, but in the event of an eclipse, you can still see the Earth and the Moon.

I was in a very strange place for the first hour of the day.

I wasn’t sure if I would see the Moon, but I did.

I saw the moon because of my GPS tracking device.

When it comes to GPS tracking, the Moon and Earth are always in total eclipses.

When you get into a eclipse, it’s very difficult to tell where the Earth ends and the moon begins.

This is where GPS tracking comes in.

You can use the GPS tracking app on your phone to see where the moon and Earth begin and end.

I took the phone out and tried to use it to see what the sky looked like from the south.

After I finished using the GPS app, I took my phone and started looking around for something to photograph.

I quickly found the closest landmark, and I took some photographs of it.

I also found a little bit of the Earth, which is the best place to start.

The Earth is usually covered by clouds, but if the Earth were to be in total shadow, the sky would be dark.

The sun is a bit brighter, and the Earth itself is a little brighter than usual.

As you can probably guess, when the moon was at its fullest, the moon would be about as bright as the Sun.

This was the best photograph I took of the moon as it was in its totality.

The sky was clear and dark, and all the stars were bright.

When a total solar eclipse happens, the stars appear as little white dots.

The dots, if they were to shine through the cloud cover, would be as bright a light as a pinhead, and would create a spectacular effect.

At the South Carolina Observatory, we’re seeing the total solar maximum (TMP), the moment when the Moon becomes completely eclipsed by the Sun and disappears.

The TMP occurs when the Sun is at its farthest point from Earth and just below the horizon.

During the TMP, the Sun moves through a wide range of different colors that are called phases.

At the South Carolinian Observatory, the TMB occurs when there is only one full phase of the Sun at any one time.

During this phase, the brightness of the TMM is so high that it looks like a giant bright disk.

During a TMP in the Southern Hemisphere, we get a partial phase, or the time when the sun is at a much lower point in the sky.

The difference between the TMD and TMB is called the phase angle.

The phase angle can vary depending on the season.

For example, if you’re going to visit a beach in the South, you may get a different day’s phase angle than you’d get at the beach in North Carolina.

During the eclipse, there is a period when the atmosphere is so dense that the Sun


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