What if Google, Apple, and Microsoft had different agendas?

Posted by Andrew Auernheimer, National Review Online, 10 September 2018 07:31:17Google and Apple are the dominant players in the PC space.

They control almost every major computer platform, from the Mac to the desktop.

They also control the Internet and are responsible for most of the software we use.

Apple, meanwhile, has a much smaller market share than Google, with a market share of just 0.04% compared to Google’s 7.1%.

In a recent interview with the Financial Times, Steve Jobs, the legendary CEO of Apple, said he’d like to see the two companies work together on a number of issues, including the evolution of the mobile phone market.

He said he was “not a big fan of Apple,” saying he “didn’t like” what he saw as the company’s attempts to dominate mobile phone use.

Jobs was referring to Google and Apple’s attempts in the 1990s to establish their own mobile phone companies.

Apple attempted to sell its mobile phones to Chinese companies at a discount to those of Google, but lost the fight.

In 2010, Jobs told the New York Times that Google was not the most innovative company in the world, but that it had “done a lot of things wrong” that Google hadn’t.

He also made a reference to the iPhone, saying that Apple had been the “only one” to develop a smartphone that had “the potential to be the most powerful in the mobile world.”

Jobs, who died in January, had said that Apple was “really trying to dominate the mobile market” and “to dominate the smartphone market,” and that he thought it would be a “good thing” if Apple had a phone with a high-end processor, a bigger screen, and better cameras.

However, he said that it would also be a bad thing if it didn’t.

When asked if Apple was the “best” company in tech, Jobs responded, “No, because there are many great companies in the industry.”


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