A guide to the world’s most downloaded apps, including some from Microsoft and Amazon.com

In a year that has seen Apple’s Apple Watch and Google Glass get huge new audiences, the world is in the midst of another surge of apps that are getting the most downloads.

According to the App Store, iOS apps received a whopping 1.1 billion downloads last year, a record.

But the app world is growing at an astonishing pace, with nearly 1.3 billion downloads for the month of June, according to figures from app analytics company App Annie.

For the year, Apple’s App Store has seen more than 1.4 billion downloads, while the Google Play store has received 1.07 billion downloads.

As a result, the number of downloads in the US alone increased by nearly 500 percent in the year to June.

The App Store is a place where anyone can upload an app and see it get downloaded.

It has become a hub for millions of developers and publishers around the world, with the hope of providing a platform for the sharing of information, as well as an easy way to discover new apps and games.

Apps can be monetized in a variety of ways, including in-app purchases, as with some of Apple’s games.

The sheer number of apps in the App store has prompted many to look beyond just the core functions and features of the platform.

That’s where we’ll focus this week on the most downloaded and downloaded best apps of the past year, as measured by the number and size of downloads per app.

The top 10 apps of last yearA look at the top 10 most downloaded iOS apps in 2017:1.

Apple Watch: iPhone Watch (1.2 billion downloads)2.

Apple Music (1 billion)3.

Pandora (1 million)4.

Spotify (900,000)5.

WhatsApp (700,000)(Note: This list includes only paid apps.)6.

Spotify Premium (450,000 downloads)7.

Snapchat (420,000),7.

WhatsApp Premium (370,000)- The top 10 downloaded apps in 2016:1, WhatsApp: WhatsApp Premium, Snapchat Premium (1,200,000).2, Spotify: Spotify Premium, Spotify Premium Plus (1).3, Apple Music: Apple Music, Spotify Plus (900 downloads).4, Pandora: Pandora Premium, Pandora Premium Plus, Spotify Classic (100 downloads).5, Spotify Music Unlimited: Spotify Music Premium, Music Unlimited (500 downloads).6, Spotify News: Spotify News, Spotify Pro (1 download).7, Pandora News: Pandora News, Pandora Music Unlimited, Spotify Original (100 download downloads).8, Spotify Sports: Spotify Sports, Spotify Sport, Spotify Originals (100,000,000 total downloads).9, Facebook: Facebook, Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Instagram, Instagram News, Facebook News, WhatsApp (100).10, Google: Google+, YouTube, Google Plus, YouTube Music, YouTube News (100)This list is rounded down to the top ten apps on the AppStore for the past 12 months.

In all, there are more than 5.4 million apps on Google Play.

Here’s a look at how each app stacks up against the other in terms of downloads and number of installs.1.

Spotify: 1.2 million downloads.2.

Facebook: 1 million downloads and 1.5 million installs.3.

Instagram: 1,000 installs.4.

Twitter: 1m installs and 2.5m installs.5.

Google Plus: 2.3 million downloads, 1.7m installs, 1m downloads and 2m installs.(Note: this list includes paid apps.

The top ten paid apps on this list have been included in our top 10 app charts.)6, Pandora (2.2m installs): Pandora has the most total installs on GooglePlay.

Spotify’s second position comes courtesy of Pandora’s music streaming service.7.

Pandora Premium: Pandora Music Premium and Pandora Premium are premium versions of the service.8.

WhatsApp: 5,500 installs and 7,500 downloads.9.

Snapchat: 2,500 and 3,500 purchases.10.

Google Maps: 1-3,000 purchases.

There are a number of reasons why apps are becoming more popular.

People are downloading more and more content, especially on mobile devices.

That makes it easier to monetize apps, and as people download more apps, they are willing to pay for those apps.

It’s also easy to make a quick buck by offering advertising to users.

Apps also attract a large user base, which in turn makes them more popular with advertisers and publishers, and therefore more valuable.

The fact that apps are also more accessible and customizable than other digital platforms is also helping them grow in popularity.

In fact, in the past two years, the top 20 most downloaded Apple apps have grown from a combined 7.6 million in January to 11.4-million downloads in June.

But if you look at downloads in other apps, it becomes clear that there are many more downloads of top apps than in the top 25 most downloaded


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