Free animation software from NZ companies to help fight cybercrime

New Zealand’s software market is one of the biggest in the world, but companies are scrambling to protect their intellectual property.

The New Zealand government says it is looking at a range of new and creative software for businesses and governments to help them keep up with the cybercrime wave.

The government says the software includes software to help with fraud detection and recovery, and helps people protect their data.

It’s an effort that has already seen software developed for government agencies like the New Zealand Police and Corrections and the Government Digital Service.

The Government Digital Services (GDS) department is the one responsible for developing software for the GDS.

The GDS has been working with companies to develop software for several years, and the latest software will be a free online animation software called Animo.

The software is designed to be used by organisations who need to keep track of and manage their data, and to help protect it.

It includes an automated system for tracking and reporting the theft of data.

It also provides access to secure cloud storage that helps protect the privacy of data, the NZSIPO chief executive officer Steve Condon said.

“It’s a free animation software for organisations who have to keep up to date with the digital age and who are struggling to keep their data safe,” he said.

The Software Alliance of New Zealand says there are now about 200 companies developing software that can help businesses fight cyber crime.

The group says there’s no need for software from the government to be free.

“The NZ government’s software is available to the general public free of charge, which is great for those who need the software but the real value of it is in protecting data,” it said.

New Zealand has been hit hard by cybercrime.

There have been three significant breaches of data in recent months.


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