New House GOP leaders say no to $1.9 billion for Trump infrastructure plan

By LAUREN KALOBOS and ALANA BECKSTEINAssociated PressPresident Donald Trump’s administration on Thursday said the U.S. is ready to fund major infrastructure projects through a new spending bill that could help fund construction of his promised wall along the U,S.-Mexico border.

The administration announced it will offer $1 billion for projects that would build the border wall and to replace a $3.8 billion federal infrastructure program for roads and bridges.

It will be used to provide incentives to developers, such as for new highways and bridges, to build the wall, and to pay for border security fencing and security cameras.

It also will help to offset costs for a wall that Trump has repeatedly vowed would cost tens of billions of dollars.

The Trump administration has already asked Congress to approve a bill that would give $1 trillion for the wall.

“The Department of Homeland Security has committed to invest at least $1,9 billion in border security and border enforcement and to provide additional funding to support projects to protect our Nation from terrorists, drug cartels, and other threats, including the building of a border wall,” Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke said in a statement.

The White House said the spending bill would give the Department of Transportation $1 million to help it build a border fence that is about 10 miles long.

The department would also be required to spend $1 to $2 million a day on the fence, and it would also pay for the installation of more cameras along the border to track migrants and enforce the nation’s immigration laws.

In addition, it will provide $400 million for the Department at DHS to expand its workforce, including for a new technology lab in New York.

It would also give $600 million for a border infrastructure program to help pay for more fencing along the Southwest border, and $800 million to support other border projects.

Trump has said the wall will cost at least a trillion dollars.

It would be funded through taxes on imports and fees on companies doing business with the United States.

The border wall is being estimated at $15 billion.

The border security program that has been a main focus of Trump’s border wall rhetoric would not be funded, but he said it was important to provide security and make the United Kingdom and other countries safer.

The bill also includes a $1-trillion investment in a project that Trump said was important because the wall would be built with funds from a tax cut for small businesses, and by the use of a formula that takes into account the number of jobs lost or displaced.

The bill also calls for a study to determine whether the wall should be built in sections.

The president said the bill would allow him to use his authority under the Export-Import Bank Act to waive a 30-year moratorium on future foreign aid to Mexico and Guatemala, as well as a ban on foreign aid from Mexico and Honduras, two countries that have been the target of violent attacks by Mexican and Honduran gangs.

“We will work with Congress to expedite these projects,” Trump said in his statement.


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