Microsoft: $50,000 for a photo app that can read your mind

Microsoft said on Monday it is offering $50 million to developers to create a new kind of “personalization” tool for Microsoft Windows.

The new tool would make it easier to add and delete personal information about users based on their personal settings.

Users would be able to add photos, text, and videos to their accounts or switch to a new profile with a different set of settings.

The new tool could also let users create new accounts for people who they don’t want to share their data with.

The company has previously developed a tool called the My Photos app that allows users to add up to 50 images and videos at a time to their Microsoft accounts.

The $50m, up-to-the-minute offer is a first for Microsoft, which has made a push to boost the popularity of its Office suite, which is increasingly being used to manage personal information for companies and other businesses.

The Redmond, Wash.-based company said in a statement that the $50-million funding was in addition to $2 million from other sources.

Microsoft has long been pushing to build more personal apps and services, such as the Outlook suite that lets users manage email, calendar and other online activity, and the Cortana personal assistant that lets people use voice commands to control various devices.

The news comes as Apple has been testing a similar feature for iPhones and iPads, but Microsoft’s offering comes as the company is still focused on improving its own Office suite.

Microsoft’s Office 365 service includes a suite of personalization tools that can be used by companies to track users’ preferences and access personal information.

The latest version of Office for Windows, released in November, includes a feature called “personalize” that can take advantage of the new personalization features.

Microsoft said in the statement that personalization was a way to make the software more user-friendly and more efficient for developers to use.

Users can use personalization to quickly create new personal profiles and to make changes to existing profiles.

It also lets users make changes that would make a personal profile appear more like a corporate profile.

Microsoft is also offering a $50 monthly subscription to Microsoft Edge for businesses that want to get the most out of the suite of tools.


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